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  1. SpaceX to Launch Korean Communications Satellite Today: Watch It Live

    SpaceX aims to pull off another launch-and-landing double play today (Oct. 30), and you can watch all the spaceflight action live. A SpaceX two-stage Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to launch the KoreaSat 5A communications satellite at 3:34 p.m. EDT (1934 GM


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  2. Брабус! Brabus Rocket 900 Coupe год 2016 Купе!

    Автомобиль развивает более 350 кмч максимальной скорости, выполняет ускорение от 0 до 100 кмч за 3,7 секунды, на разгон от 0 до 200 кмч купе достаточно 9,1 секунды времени, а максимальная отметка на спидометре новинки — 400 кмч. Расход топлива в смешанном


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  3. ArianeGroup signs contract with ESA for future Prometheus engine

    Prometheus is a European demonstrator for a very low cost reusable engine, running on liquid oxygen (LOx) and methane. It is the precursor for future European launcher engines as of 2030. The aim is to be able to build future liquid propellant engines wit


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