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  1. Мобильный интернет от мтс гипер нет

    как воспользоваться интернетом от мтс гипер.нет


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  2. “Happy”, “Comfortable”, “Maximum” – new tariffs from Kyivstar

    1) The first time monthly fee is paid and free volume is charged after number activation or after the change of tariff. 2) The next removals of monthly fee and charge of free volume will occur daily from 00:00 till 03:00. 3) Bonus minutes operate up to th


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  3. «5 copecks» – economy with Djuice

    At the tariff «5 copecks» the gratitude program «Djuice Forever» is disconnected. Bonus minutes, SMS added on conditions of this program, will be cancelled. Bonus MMS and term of their action will remain, and you can use them. 2. At fulfillment of calls a


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